Trove Stretch Marks Cream (USA)

The cream provides suitable moisture and
nutrition for the skin. It increases resilience
and reduces skin blemishes – such as stretch
marks – arising from pregnancy.


  • Trove maternity lotion provides moisture without
    greasiness. It supplies all the nutrition that your
    skin needs. It can reduce tight skin caused by pregnancy, treat dry skin, reduces skin blemishes (stretch marks), and makes skin attractive and resilient.
  • The laboratory has developed and tested this product, using advanced scientific and technological methods, to ensure high quality.


  • After showering, apply the cream directly to your neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, bottom, legs, etc.
  • Apply the cream at least three times a day, especially on dry or tight skin.


  • This product is made of natural material, handle it with clean hands and never try to put cream back into its container.
  • When not using the product, ensure that the container’s lid is securely closed. Extended contact with air reduces the cream’s effectiveness.
  • Store in a dry, dark place. Avoid storing in strong light.

Stretch Marks?

  • Stretch marks arise because, during pregnancy, subcutaneous fatty tissue becomes thicker and causes the surface tissues to expand. Often, the expansion of subcutaneous fatty tissue is faster than the expansion of the skin. The result is skin chaps or, due to blood capillaries expanding, purple-brown or red-brown veins. These are called stretch marks.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks?

  • The first step is to avoid getting too fast. It is natural to gain weight during pregnancy, and the body will naturally hoard fat in the abdomen, bottom and thighs areas. If your skin over expands, the results can be ugly. Pregnant women need to, therefore, supply moisture and nutrition for their skin. Using the cream will make skin more resilient, and reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Using Method(see diagrams):

  • Take sufficient lotion and apply it from the top of the breasts up to the throat.
  • From the bottom of the breasts, to the armpits, apply softly. In the post-natal stage it is recommended that it be applied from outside to inside, up and down.
  • In the abdomen region, apply around the navel from inside to outside. For post-natal users, apply from outside to inside.
  • On the legs, apply the cream from bottom to top, to both the front and back of the legs.
  • On the back, apply the cream on the outside of the back and the waist, and then apply from down to up on the inside.