Pregnancy is a wonderful but stressful moment in a woman's life.
Mum-to-be has to face enlargement of her body for the baby's growth.

However, this rapid change in shape and weight increase of mother-to-be brings in
  Aches and pains
Muscular tension
Sinus congestion
Leg cramps
Water retention
High blood pressure
Appearance of Stretch marks
Breast uncomfort
Excess impurities on face
Excess deadcell on body

We offer Pregnancy massage, helps
  Relieve muscular aches and pains
Reduce swelling of joints and limbs
Improve sleep quality
Reduce oedema
Prevent stretch marks
Relieve breast pain
Prepare for breast feeding
Increase supply of oxygen to both mother and baby
Boosts the immune systems of both mother and baby
Nourishes the heart by increasing the blood circulation as well as other body fluids
Preparing mother to have relaxed muscules during labor
Quicker recovery of energy and muscle tone after delivery
Lessen the chances of pregnancy and postpartum depression
Improves skin elasticity

Anxiety on pregnancy massage

Q :Will pregnancy massage cause earlier labor ?
A:There are no case studies this is to be true. Actually only 4% of toal brith are at expected delivery time.

Q : Am I suitable to have body massage
A: If you found the below conditions, tell our consultants immediately :
under 16 weeks
Unstable condition
With wounds
Fever over 100
Severe abdominal pain
Severe morning sickness
Vaginal bleeding

Q : What have to be awared before massage
A : Do not eat and drink too much, do not rush, take a shower to relax