Postpartum massage helps to restore your body to pre-pregnancy condition, helps to contract the uterus, tone the abdominal muscles, realign the pelvis, cleanse the body of waste and residual anaesthetic and reduce tension caused by breastfeeding. Also helps loosen tight connective tissue and reduce scarring caused by numbness and abdominal discomfort related to caesarean brith.


  Our treatments lead you to pre-pregnancy shape. By advanced instruments, good products and well experienced masseuse.

  Bring you back beautiful and elastic skin, both body and face as before. Remove stretch marks.


When is the appropirate time after labor to have massage :
As soon as you want ! Massage can relieve muscular tension raised from labor and reduce leg swelling that often occurs hours after delivery from poor circulation from bed rest. Of course, the msaage must be operated in a warm but ventilated room.

When is the appropirate time to have slimming treatment ?
30 days after delivery. You have to restore completely from labor. Also,the first month is very important for you to establish close relationship with your new born baby.